JCFAR ISSUE 10 & 11 Digital Edition


Published 1997

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JCFAR 10 & 11 Paperback
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JCFAR ISSUE 10 & 11 Digital Edition

Melitta Schmideberg
‘After the Analysis…’
Ruth Mack Brunswick
The Accepted Lie
Sybille L.Yates
An Investigation of the Psychological Factors in Virginity and Ritual Defloration
Mary Chadwick
Notes Upon the Acquisition of Knowledge
Geneviève Morel
The Son as Object a Of the Father
Emmanuel Fleury, Isabelle Baldet
The Question of Diagnosis in the Case of a Suicidal Young Woman
Diary of a Triggering
Herbert Wachsberger
A Psychotic Love
Franz Kaltenbeck
A Case of Schizophrenia

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