JCFAR ISSUE 21 Digital Edition


Published 2012

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JCFAR 21 Paperback
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JCFAR ISSUE 21 Digital Edition

Kazushige Shingu
The Creation of the Other World: From Dream to Reality
Thomas G. Dalzell
Lacan’s Fourth Social Bond: Implications for Psychoanalytic Schools
Harriet Parsons
A Psychoanalytic Approach to Eating Disorders: Melancholia, Phobia and Actual Neurosis
Laura Tarsia
Ellie and her World of Animals
Dorothy Cashore
And Now You Can Go: A Lacanian Reading of Symptoms in a Novel by Vendela Vida
Peter Rowbrey-Evans
When the Lack is Lacking: A Commentary on Lacan’s Theory of Anxiety
Livia De Marco
When Words Fail: The Tragedy of Modern Subjectivity through the Beckettian Experience

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