The Journal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (JCFAR) is a peer reviewed psychoanalytic journal inviting contributions to the broad field of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis. As a forum for debate, the journal explores research and questions emerging from the unique experience of psychoanalysis in the clinic to its socio-cultural context. The journal reflects the range and depth of the interests, commitments, and research orientations, of the members and trainees of the centre. The journal welcomes submissions which contribute to furthering the conceptualising and contextualising of the psychoanalytic discourse and the development of psychoanalytic knowledge. Along with the theory and praxis of psychoanalysis, JCFAR welcomes submissions which converse and intersect with the fields of philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, aesthetics, as well as art and literature.

JCFAR is interested in questions of psychoanalytic formation and transmission but also considers contributions which articulate the distinctiveness of psychoanalysis in relation to contemporary sciences, discourses, and practices, taking its inspiration from Freud’s initial ‘curriculum’ for an ideal ‘College of Psychoanalysis’: on the one hand, psychobiology, sexology, psychiatry (and the medical discourse more generally); and on the other, the history of civilizations, mythology, the psychology of religion, the science of literature (history and criticism), art and artistic practices, sociology, and the critique of the ‘collective psychopathologies’ of the social order (brought about by the ‘almost intolerable pressure of civilization’).

To this list might be added Lacan’s ‘updated curriculum’ premised on the structure of speech and language or ‘linguistic structure’ (rhetoric, dialectic, grammar, poetics, etc.), and which includes mathematics (set theory, logic, topology), philosophy (ancient and modern), anthropology, the history of thought, and questions of science, knowledge, and truth, ranging from the theory of the psychoanalytic subject in its relation to the signifier, to the specificity of its object: unconscious desire.

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