JCFAR ISSUE 30 Digital Edition


Published 2020

Also available
JCFAR 30 Paperback

JCFAR ISSUE 30 Digital Edition

Gwion Jones
Temporality in Dreams and their Function in the Direction of the Treatment: Dreams Don’t Work in Real Time
Rafael Alves Lima
Challenges for Psychoanalysis in the Face of the Current Political Situation in Brazil
Lucia Corti
Forgetting the Past: Whose Memory, Whose Dead, Whose Children? The Politics of Memory and the Quest for Identity
Paul Verhaeghe
Beyond Alienation
Ian Parker
What is the Difference Between Lacan and Foucault?
Marie-Christine Laznik
Can We Conceive of a Clinic of the Borromean Knot That Distinguishes Psychosis From Autism in Toddlers?

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